Working with young people to promote respectful relationships and prevent sexual violence.

BodySafe is an interactive secondary school programme that promotes healthy relationships by having open and supportive conversations about respectful relationships, sex and consent.

By working with young people to promote healthy and respectful relationships we can reduce rates of sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand.

One recent study found that approximately one in five girls and one in 10 boys reported that they had been touched or made to do sexual things at least once in their life.* Other studies have shown that as many as one in three girls and one in eight boys may have had an unwanted sexual experience.

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“Unfortunately the topic of rape and sexual violence is extremely relevant for our students as many of the young people that I work with have experienced rape or sexual abuse in the past. The information (and permission) that RPE provides to young people about their right to say no; how to keep themselves safe; how to report suspicious behaviour; and how to safely intervene in potentially harmful situations is vital to stop the continuation of rape in our communities.” School Counsellor


About BodySafe

BodySafe is a mainstream secondary school-based programme for young people to promote healthy, respectful relationships and prevent experiences of sexual harm or violence.

Sexual violence is a significant issue for young people in NZ with approximately 1 in 4 females and 1 in 8 males experiencing sexual abuse, most before the age of 16.

Through information and skills-based education, the BodySafe programme aims to empower young people to prevent sexual violence and provide support to those who may have already experienced it in their lives.

The BodySafe programme has been developed over a 10 – 15 year period and has become a recognised and credible programme in Auckland schools not only for its content but also for its care for student safety and well-being.

The BodySafe programme was externally evaluated in 2010 by Massey University, which showed BodySafe to be effective, valued by students, and of high quality. BodySafe is internally evaluated every 6 months to ensure effectiveness and appropriateness of delivery.

“Much needed programme for these students. A topic not openly discussed within this community. School and programmes such as these are a powerful vehicle for students to gain knowledge, an insight into sex, relationships, peer pressure and safe choices.” School Staff Member, 2013


How the BodySafe program works

BodySafe is an interactive education programme delivered as 3 or 4 workshops to young males and females. The specialised programme fits within many levels of the Year 9 – 13 health curriculum and covers multiples strands of learning. BodySafe is currently delivered in schools across the Auckland region. The programme can also be delivered within community settings.

The programme is run by two specialist educators with additional resources provided to students. It is ideal for co-ed as well as single sex groups. The programme is easily adapted to meet the needs of students/groups according to age, culture or specific issues young people may be facing. These are discussed with school personnel prior to delivery. Please contact us to discuss specific needs.

Outcomes for the programme are to:

  • Increase knowledge about sexual violence, consent and sexual rights and responsibilities
  • Build communication skills to negotiate consent in sexual situations
  • Increase understanding of healthy and respectful sexual relationships
  • Build young people’s confidence to access support services and explore personal healing strategies
  • Build safe bystander intervention skills

There is evidence that the learning outcomes of the programme have been well met with most students indicating:

  • Increased knowledge of laws relating to consent
  • Increased knowledge and skills in sexual safety
  • Increased knowledge about sexual violence and where to access specialist support.
What student participants are saying about the BodySafe programme:

  • “The speakers are awesome. Easy to understand and talk to.”
  • “I have been given information that no one else tells you about.”
  • “Explaining how complicated the sexual abuse process is changes my whole POV [point of view] that it’s not a small thing.”
  • “You guys ROCK! What you are doing really helps.”
    “We have been told about how to be calm and say things. Also how to make sure it’s ok – like ‘Do you wanna slow down?’”
  • “[It] happened to me, my girlfriend show[ed] signs but I kept going, I know how she feels now.”


Workshop Outlines

Workshop One explores:


  • Understanding Sexual Violence
  • Understanding Consent
  • Exploring personal boundaries and legal limits
  • Building conversation skills

Workshop Two explores:


  • Understanding healthy & respectful sexual relationships
  • Understanding how to negotiate consent in sexual situations
  • Building communication skills

Workshop Three explores:


  • Understanding the impacts of sexual violence
  • Building skills to help/support others
  • Building help seeking skills
  • Exploring healing strategies

Workshop Four explores:


  • Increasing alcohol literacy for harm minimisation
  • Understanding the impact of alcohol on consent
  • Building bystander intervention skills
  • Student Evaluation


Working with Your Curriculum

BodySafe works well within Year 9, 10, or 11 as it incorporates many strands of learning from within the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, including:

  • A3: Safety and Risk Management
  • A4: Personal Identity and Self Worth
  • C 1-3: Relationships with Other People
  • D1-4: Healthy Communities and Environments


Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties

If you are interested in delivery to more than one year level at your school, then you may wish to include the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme within your curriculum. Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme builds on BodySafe’s outcomes as it is delivered to students after they have received the BodySafe programme. The expanded learning outcome over different stages of personal development reinforces positive behaviour change and is age appropriate. To find out more visit the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties page

Funding and Costs to Schools

We are fully funded to provide the BodySafe programme to  Auckland schools who meet criteria under our Ministry of Health contract.  We are also funded by grants from local and national funding agencies, grants from private companies and individual donations.

Our wish is to be able to offer our programme to all schools at no-cost, however currently where possible, we appreciate a koha or donation per-class based on what the school is able to contribute. Any donations or payments assist us in responding to more schools and providing our programme to more young people. Please contact us to find out more about koha and donations.

Bookings and More Information

There is generally a high annual demand for the BodySafe programme so we encourage interested school staff to contact us as early as possible to ensure they can secure their preferred dates.
If you are interested in learning more about the programme and how it can work within your school please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to meet with school staff to discuss the benefits and dynamics of our programme.
For any questions, queries or requests please contact:

Yvette Spencer-Dunn
Youth Programmes Coordinator
Phone (09) 361 2727


Do you work with young people? Would you like professional training about dealing with disclosures and other topics about sexual violence? Visit the Professional Education section to find out more about upcoming courses and training related to sexual violence and working with young people and adults.