Rape Prevention Education delivers education programmes to young people in secondary schools, alternative education centres, teen parent units, residential spaces and youth justice centres in the greater Auckland area. We believe that education is the best strategy to prevent sexual violence in our communities.  We reach out to approximately 5000 young people.

BodySafe Tiaki Tinana, is an interactive secondary school programme that promotes healthy relationships by having open and supportive conversations about respectful relationships, sex and consent.

The programme consists of four modules concentrating on consent, respect, support and active by-standing.


Bodysafe Sam long

Our BodySafe programme has been developed across a 10-15 year period. The programme is internally evaluated every six months to ensure it is effective, relevant and inclusive. In 2010 BodySafe was externally evaluated by Massey University, which showed BodySafe to be effective, valued by students, and of high quality. In 2017 we updated our resources to be more inclusive of diverse gender identities and sexualities.

bodysafe 4 modules

Each module is delivered by two experienced facilitators who utilise class discussions, group work, activities, videos, role plays and individual book work to engage the students. Students are also given the opportunity to talk privately with the facilitators if they choose to. Student wellbeing is of the utmost importance and our facilitators are committed to creating a safe, inclusive learning environment.

"Perfect and relevant to what the students were learning. There was a good balance of discussions, group and individual work”– Secondary School Teacher, 2023

“I have learnt a lot about the importance of consent & how to hear peoples stories on sexual violence. I might want to work here/in a place like this in future. My teachers were so fun..” – Secondary School Student, 2023


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