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Effectively contributing to creating communities free of sexual violence, where people are enjoying respectful relationships and sexual experiences free from pressure, coercion, harm, and violence

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RPE’s mission is to work in relationship with tangata whenua to develop partnerships and evidence-based prevention activities in community services, education, health promotion, research and advocacy that effectively promote respectful relating and eliminate perpetration and experience of sexual violence in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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Our Body Safe Tiaki Tinana programme delivers high quality information to students in over 25 high schools in Auckland. Every year we provide approximately 450 sexual violence prevention education modules to 3000 young people. We also deliver BodySafe in a wide range of settings including around 15 Alternative Education Centres, Teen Parent Units and Youth Justice Facilities. For more information visit our website here: www.bodysafe.nz

We also deliver our workshops on understanding sexual violence and dealing with disclosures to a wide audience that includes health professionals and community organisations. For more information click here.

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For urgent assistance call 111 or HELP on 09 623 1700 or for other help go to our services directory here.

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RPE actively collaborates with a number of organisations working in sexual health education and sexual violence prevention. We work alongside
Family Planning, Village Collective
Te Kaha O Te Rangatahi
Rainbow Youth
Auckland Sexual Health Services
NZ Aids Foundation
Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP
Project Restore
Auckland Council
NZ Police
Waitematā District Health Board
The HEART Movement.

RPE is an active member of  Te Ohaakii a Hine National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST). TOAH-NNEST is the national network of those providing specialist services for sexual violence prevention and intervention. It represents about 40 specialist not-for-profit organisations and many individual specialists working throughout Aotearoa New Zealand in whānau/families, hapū, iwi and communities. TOAH-NNEST’s vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to be free of sexual violence.

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Surviviors and community members look to RPE to advocate for improvements to frontline sexual violence intervention and prevention services, as well as working towards community safety through creating positive legislative change.

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All programme delivery is evaluated and reports are given to funders and participants as required. Massey University (Shore Whariki) has evaluated the BodySafe programme in 2011 and 2016. Highlights from the 2016 Evaluation showed that: 

  • The BodySafe programme continues to be implemented to a high standard.

  • The programme complements the existing Health curriculum.

Data from surveys and focus groups with students collected six months after they received the BodySafe programme, we can see that:

  • 88% of students understood why people may not tell others they had experienced sexual abuse.

  • Over 86% can recognise what sexual harmful behaviour looks, feels and sounds like.

  • Over 85% can identify when people can’t give sexual consent.

  • 80% of students were able to recognise what disrespectful relationships look, feel and sounds like.

  • Over 74% of students are able to talk about sexual consent.

  • 68% of students identified their friends as their source of support.

  • 53% of students identified their school counsellor as their source of support.

Suggestions for improvement by students included consistent educators, more sessions, more real life scenarios and videos.

You can find full copies of the BodySafe Evaluations here:

Shore Whariki BodySafe Programme Evaluation 2016

BodySafe Programme Evaluation May 2011

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We are very grateful to all the organisations and people who fund us and support our work to continue. We want to acknowledge them all and thank them for their contribution to ending sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. Together we are stronger.

We receive generous donations from individual supporters in the community and often have groups who fundraiser for us. Every little bit counts towards our work and we are very thankful.

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The Alexander Harold Watson Charitable Trust

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Social Development

Ministry of Justice

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