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How the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme works
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About Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties

Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties is a specialised three-session education programme that provides young people with positive strategies for reducing the risk of alcohol-facilitated sexual violence and alcohol-related harm, in party (social) situations. The programme informs young people on respectful sexual relating and increases students’ initiative to safely intervene as a bystander in social environments where alcohol is being consumed.

New Zealand’s drinking culture, makes it essential that young people are equipped to assess risks and make safe decisions. Alcohol availability and consumption are key risk factors for both experiencing sexual violence and engaging in sexually harmful behaviour. The Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme aims to reduce experiences of sexual harm, violence and disrespect in situations where alcohol is being consumed.


How the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme works

The Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme is delivered in secondary schools over 3 workshops and is suitable for Years 10-13 either within or outside the Curriculum. The programme is delivered in the subsequent years following the delivery of BodySafe as it expands on the learning outcomes of BodySafe. This allows repetition of messages as well as messages to be age-appropriate and to meet the developmental needs of the young person.

The programme is run by two specialist educators with additional resources provided to students. It is ideal for co-ed as well as single sex groups. The programme is easily adapted to fit within the school’s timetable/calendar. It can also be adapted to meet the needs of students/groups according to age, culture or specific issues young people may be facing. These are discussed with school personnel prior to delivery. Please contact us to further discuss how Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme can fit in your school or to discuss specific needs.

Click here to find out more about BodySafe

Outcomes for the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme are to:

  • Increase awareness of and the ability to identify sexual violence
  • Increase students’ knowledge of respectful relationships, and effects of alcohol on consent
  • Provide young people with skills to be able to engage in respectful sexual relating.
  • Challenge traditional gender norms that contribute to sexual violence.
  • Increase young people’s awareness of how alcohol use impacts on experiences of disrespectful sexual relating and increases the risk of sexual violence.
  • To provide young people with skills in safe, effective bystander intervention in situations where a person is experiencing sexual disrespect, harm or violence, with a focus on situations alcohol is involved

The programme has been internally evaluated and has been found to be effective in:

  • Reducing rape supportive attitudes
  • Increasing understanding of how alcohol affects sexual consent
  • Increasing understanding of personal and group (friends) safety in social situations
  • Being relevant to young people
What students and staff have said about the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties programme:
“It was fun and easy to understand.” – Student
“They told us everything we need to know for our age group.” – Student
“…Having a male presenter was great. This helped the girls see things from a male point of view and they asked him very good questions which he was brilliant!” – Health/PE Teacher
“We watched a video called “who are you” ( that I thought was REALLY helpful because it gave me an idea of what could happen and what I could do to prevent things like that from happening.” – Student



Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties Workshop Outlines

First Workshop explores:
Understanding Sexual Consent
Increasing alcohol literacy
Understanding the impact of alcohol on consent
Exploring beliefs involving alcohol, sex and safety

Second Workshop explores:
Critical analysis of gender stereotypes involving alcohol consumption
Identifying consent & coercion in relationships
Building effective communication skills
Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication
Where to access help and support services

Third Workshop explores:
Identifying rights and responsibilities at parties
Risk & safety management in social settings
Building bystander intervention skills
Student Evaluation


Working with Your Curriculum

Similar to BodySafe, the Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties works well within the Health and Physical Education curriculum as it incorporates many strands of learning, including:

  • A3: Safety and Risk Management
  • A4: Personal Identity and Self Worth
  • C 1-3: Relationships with Other People
  • D1-4: Healthy Communities and Environments


Funding & Costs to Schools

Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties is funded through the various Ministries, grants from local and national funding agencies, grants from private companies and individual donations.
Our wish is to be able to offer our programme to all schools at no-cost, however currently where possible, we appreciate a koha or donation per-class based on what the school is able to contribute. Any donations or payments assist us in responding to more schools & providing our programme to more young people. Please contact us to find out more about koha and donations.


Bookings and More Information

Due to a generally high annual demand for our youth programmes we encourage interested school staff to contact us as early as possible to ensure they can secure their preferred dates.
If you are interested in learning more about our programmes and how it can work within your school please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to meet with school staff to discuss the benefits and dynamics of our programme.
For all queries related to RPE’s youth programmes please contact:

Yvette Spencer-Dunn
Youth Programmes Coordinator
Phone (09) 361 2727