Sex ‘n’ Respect alternative education

Sex ‘n’ Respect Alternative Education (SNR Alt Ed) is a specialised programme tailored to support at-risk young people in alternative education settings.

The centres in which we work range from CYFS residential, to alternative education facilities, to teen parent units and groups of people living with disabilities.

Because so many youth have experienced sexual violence it is important to provide staff with skills to deal with disclosures of sexual violence and other issues that can arise as a result of students participating in the programme. In this regard, the SNR Alt Ed programme includes in-depth staff professional education in conjunction with the youth programme.

For more information please contact:

Yvette Spencer-Dunn
Youth Programmes Coordinator
Phone (09) 361 2727


“I am very impressed by the work that RPE continues to do with our alternative education centre students through the delivery of the Sex’n’Respect Programme. I have observed the workshops first hand and I believe that RPE’s youth education team handle extremely sensitive topics in a very appropriate way. They engage students and create a safe learning environment for the students to access difficult but vital information.” AimHi Pedagogical Leader