Youth Education

BodySafe&SexnRespect8Rape Prevention Education delivers specialist educational programmes that teach young people ways to behave respectfully in relationships with others. The programmes are tailored to provide young people with skills around respectful relating, empathy building, communication in relationships, help seeking, personal safety and safely intervening in social situations where disrespect may be happening.

Rape Prevention Education has worked with youth in multiple settings, including high schools, alternative education centres, teen parent units, residential facilities and treatment centres. RPE’s youth programmes are designed to work within the educational setting that the young people are in. The programmes use varied pedagogy to ensure young people are kept engaged through programme delivery.

I am very impressed by the work that RPE continues to do with our Year 10 and 11 students. I have observed the workshops firsthand and I believe that RPE’s youth education team handle extremely sensitive topics in a very appropriate way. They engage students and create a safe learning environment for the students to access difficult but vital information. School Counsellor


RPE’s capacity to deliver to schools and/or education providers varies from year to year. In the past RPE has been able to deliver programmes to up to 20 high schools, 17 alternative education centres and 4 teen parent units, across the greater Auckland region.

If you would like to request one of RPE’s youth programmes, please get in contact with the Programmes Coordinator.

I feel more confident now what to do in situations where I am forced to do something I don’t want to do. Young person


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For any questions, queries or requests please contact:

Yvette Spencer-Dunn
Youth Programmes Coordinator
Phone (09) 361 27277