Women’s Empowerment and Safety Seminar Charity Event Thursday June 28th

RPE Womens Empowerment Seminar June 2012

This 2 hour information seminar will teach you important, empowering self-protection strategies, with 100% of profits going to support Rape Prevention Education.

Presented by Athena and Phil Thompson, NZ’s leading experts on personal safety and self defence for women and authors of two influential books on self defence.

This woman-only event will cover empowering information including:

  • How to identify the common seven behavioural strategies males with sinister intent use against females (this is very important information!)
  • Focusing on empowerment and eliminating paranoia and unnecessary worry by knowing what to look out for to stay safe
  • Dispelling many common myths around self defence and personal safety for women
  • The important stages of real self defence
  • The psychology of an attacker and how they choose their targets. Knowing this lets you become a‘hard target’
  • The biggest lie of them all that most women in NZ have been told, the truth behind it, and howknowing it can create a safer life for you and your family
  • And a lot more!This will be an interesting and valuable couple of hours so get as many ladies together as you can and make the investment in yourself to be there. Numbers for this event are limited by the venue size so please book quickly!

    Please note this is an information event, there is no physical component required from attendees, just sit back and enjoy the information.

When: Thursday June 28th, 6:30-8:45pm

Where: Property Tutors Conference Centre
Level 2, 128 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Cost: $25 with profits donated to RPE
To book:  www.protectselfdefence.co.nz (‘events’ page) or (09) 533 4181