Survivor Advocate, Louise Nicholas, signs up for FebFast 2015

Rape Prevention Education’s Survivor Advocate, Louise Nicholas has signed up for FebFast 2015.

FebFast is in its fifth year and participants will raise funds to support Rape Prevention Education (RPE) to deliver more youth-focussed sexual violence prevention initiatives.

Louise says, “I believe that it’s important to take time to reflect on the role that alcohol plays in our lives, and I’m hoping to raise funds to support RPE at the same time.

As a mum with 3 daughters who are in their early 20’s it has always been important for their father and I to encourage them to enjoy social occasions, be respectful of others and of themselves when alcohol is present. This type of message needs to go out far and wide so please help me to help RPE achieve this with our young ones in our communities.

Thanks for your support!”

Please go to and sponsor Louise. Even $3 or $5 will help you to be a part of Louise’s and RPE’s sexual violence prevention efforts.

It isn’t too late to sign up for FebFast 2015 and share delicious drink recipes, host parties, and having general good times that don’t involve booze; all in the name of raising money for young people who are most at risk of alcohol related harm.