Experiences of rape and sexual abuse can be very difficult for people to deal with. They are not usually things that people just ‘get over’ without putting effort and time into it. Instead, many people who have been raped or sexually abused consider their process of healing to be a journey.

“Recovery is a process, not an event.”

Anne Wilson Schaeff, Rape Survivors’ Legal Guide

By gaining some understanding of what happened to you and what you can do about it, you can begin your healing journey.

Every person’s healing journey is individual to them. Some people choose to seek support from friends and family, some choose to tell non-abusing whanau and others choose counselling or other therapies. Some people choose different options at different stages of their lives as their relationship to the abuse changes. The key is that the healing journey you choose should be one which you feel in charge of and which suits your needs.

Contact any of the sexual assult support groups in your area to discuss the various options for healing that are available.

To find out about healing through support groups and counselling, check out our page ‘get help’.