Māori survivor services


Tu Wahine Trust


Tu Wahine Trust is developed on a kaupapa Maori framework  and provides both primary prevention programmes and intervention services  to Maori women children and whanau affected by rape, incest, sexual abuse and related violence, such as family violence.  Tu Wahine Trust is a member of a wider Maori network of Maori specialist services and is contactable via email at tuwahine@clear.net.nz or by phone at (09) 8388700.

247 Edmonton Road, Te Atatu South, Waitakere 0610
Postal Address
PO Box 83 230, Te Atatu, Waitakere 0652
09 838 8700
Awhira Wahine Incorporated
5 Cambridge St, Tawa, Wellington 5028
PO Box 51-103
Phone: 04 232 9817
Fax: 04 232 9817