Louise Nicholas Day 2015 – Goals

Goals from the Second Louise Nicholas Day to Review Responses to Sexual Violence, 31 March 2015.
All of the goals listed below were supported by a majority of participants who attended the Second Louise Nicholas Day, 2015.


Dr Kim McGregor, Rape Prevention Education

  • Sexual violence (and family violence) is moved into the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • The recommendations from the Social Services Select Committee report on sexual violence services funding that reflect the submissions are implemented
  • Progress is made implementing the Law Commission research and improving criminal justice responses to sexual violence cases



Louise Nicholas, National Sexual Violence Survivor Advocate

  • Sexual Violence Survivor Advocates in each region
  • Re-visit the MOU with Victim Support to ensure all survivors and their families are directed to specialist agencies, and where there are no specialists services explore how the SV sector can support Victim Support in ensuring specialist support is provided.
  • Support the current Minister of Justice (Adams) and the Law Commission with their on-going work into reviewing pre-trial and trial Processes for sexual violence cases.



Associate Professor Elisabeth McDonald, Victoria University

  • Developing alternative ways of testing evidence in court (rather than cross-examination)
  • Continuing to lobby for changes to rules of evidence in sexual cases
  • Developing legal definition of consent.



Catriona MacLennan, Barrister, Journalist

  • Specialist training for lawyers and judges in sexual offence cases
  • Further IPCA reviews of police sexual assault investigations around New Zealand
  • Police Commissioner’s performance review tied to improving police handling of sexual assault cases.



Jan Logie, List MP, Green Party

  • To organise a national hui to help build and strengthen a movement for change
  • A select committee report with strong recommendations that reflect the submissions
  • Legislative and policy recommendations supported by the specialists to improve access to justice for victims.



Kelvin Davis, MP Labour, Te Tai Tokerau

  • The hikoi
  • To set up a group ‘Men Against Sexual Violence’ (MASV – said Massive)
  • To develop the MASV “pledge”
  • To increase the number of men involved in the elimination of sexual violence



Sandz Peipi Te Pou, TOAHNNEST

  • Access to services and knowledge from a Maori World view are acknowledged and resourced
  • Iwi, hapu, whanau and community have opportunity to develop their own response to sexual violence through engagement with specialist knowledge.
  • NGA HIAHIA KIA TITIRO KI TE TIMATANGA, A KA KITE AI TATAU TE MUTUNGA: You must understand the beginning if you wish to see the end



Tania Blomfield, TOAHNNEST Tauiwi Caucus Chair

  • Legislation change so that mental health diagnosis is not necessary for an accepted ACC claim