Louise Nicholas Day

The date of the Louise Nicholas Day to Review Responses to Sexual Violence, on 31st March each year marks the anniversary of the day in 2006 when three existing and former members of the NZ Police were acquitted on all 20 counts of the sexual violation of Louise.

The annual Louise Nicholas Day to Review Responses to Sexual Violence came about after Women’s Health Action, in 2013, invited the specialist sexual violence sector in Auckland to focus, at their annual Cartwright panel, on the 1 in 100 cases of sexual violence that is likely to result in a conviction.

After the panel some of us decided we needed our Own ‘Day’ – an annual event focused on sexual violence. Louise with the courage and tenacity that she represents was the obvious patron.

When we asked Louise in 2013 she was happy to give her name to an annual day that reviewed any progress in dealing with sexual violence.

We envisaged that this day could be taken up anywhere in the country. This Day is an opportunity to for any community to review progress in their own area.

RPE launched the Inaugural Louise Nicholas Day in 2014.

In 2015, the Second Louise Nicolas Day reviewed the 2014 goals and new goals for 2015 were established.