‘Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story’

‘Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story’ screened on TV One’s Sunday Theatre, August 17, at 8.30pm.

You can still view ‘Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story’ at TVNZ on Demand.

louise nich TVNZ

Louise Nicholas on set with Michelle Blundell

Here at RPE the staff and Board we were lucky enough to have a pre-screening of the film along with several specialist counsellors from our sister agencies so that we could all prepare for the possible public reaction and media discussions the film could trigger in the coming weeks. We were honoured to be amongst the first few people to see this incredibly moving depiction of Louise’s experiences as a teenager, through to the infamous trials. 

The film is superbly shot, with honesty and great sensitivity to the traumatic events that occurred.

Many of us here know and have worked alongside Louise, which made the screening a poignant experience for us. We were touched and impressed with the integrity of the film and are proud to stand beside Louise and honour her as a source of inspiration and support for the work that we do. To find out more about Louise, and the survivor advocacy work she does click here.

Because the film includes experiences of sexual violence, many people may feel the need to reach out for support.

Information on specialist support services are also available nationwide on 0800 88 33 00


HELP- Support for survivors of sexual abuse 09 623 1700 (24 hour confidential phone line)

Email HELP at info@helpauckland.org.nz


National network of specialist sexual violence support services – Toah-Nnest

If you or a whanau member wish to talk to specialist services nearest to you/them, follow the above link, click on your rohe on the map, from the tabs you may select your service.  Services are available nationwide.


For more detailed information about services you can access, visit our Get Help page here


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