Survivors and community members look to RPE to advocate for improvements to frontline sexual violence intervention and prevention services as well as work towards community safety through creating positive legislative change.

RPE’s advocacy work is led by Dr Kim McGregor and RPE Survivor Advocate Louise Nicholas.

Louise Nicholas, RPE Survivor Advocate

The advocacy arm of the agency continues to be championed by the indomitable Louise Nicholas.


Te Ohaakii a Hine National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST) is a national bi-cultural treaty-based organisation that works with government and community to advocate for improvements to survivor, intervention and prevention services.

Project Restore

Project Restore, an incorporated society, emerged as a response to the frustration of victim-survivors of sexual violence who were pursuing justice in the conventional criminal justice system. It is unique in that its formation has been driven by victim-survivors of sexual violence. It aims to provide victim-survivors with an experience of a sense of justice, support offenders to understand the impacts of their behaviour and facilitate the development of an action plan which might include reparation to the victim and therapeutic programmes for the offender.

Latest Advocacy News

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