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Both publications from Dr Kim McGregor and Louise Nicholas are available from us with a $8 postage and packaging fee.

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‘My Story’ by Louise Nicholas   $39.99

MY story


‘Now assisting NZ Police on supporting victims of rape, Louise Nicholas’ life has come full circle since she was raped by policemen nearly 30 years ago. In the revised edition of her book, Louise Nicholas: My Story, Louise updates us on the amazing story of her life after the trial that shocked a nation.’

Louise speaking about the new edition of her book:


surviving and moving on

‘Surviving & Moving on’ by Dr Kim McGregor $10.00

‘Essential reading for survivors of child sexual abuse, female or male; and for those working with them, as well as friends and family.’

This book offers ideas and techniques for understanding and healing, which adult survivors in particular may find useful. It tends to be written with women in mind, but much of the information and many of the exercises may be useful for male survivors as well.

It is also useful for the partners, families and friends giving support and encouragement to survivors who are healing themselves from the effects of abuse. Many survivors want those around them to understand what they’ve survived and its effects on their life.