Board of Trustees

The dedicated women and men on our Board of Trustees actively participate in the governance of  Rape Prevention Education Whakatu Mauri by contributing to the strategic planning and the financial management of the organisation.

The RPE Board of Trustees represent diverse areas of business, mental health services, human resources, academia, philanthropy, education, marketing and communications. Trustees are committed to fulfilling our mission to prevent sexual violence through the delivery of specialised prevention education and health promotion/prevention programmes and activities.  

Board Members as of 2014

  • Kaumatua – Fred Holloway
  • Co-Chair and Treasurer – Paul Prestige
  • Co-Chair – Debbie Wiesehan
  • Secretary – Maggie McGregor
  • Board members   –   Gwen Willis, Richie Hardcore Steward, Diana Vao, and Alexandra Clark.